A better restaurant world

Our History

“turning ambition into reality”

Ancon has been at the restaurant’s side since 1998. We know how important staff are and we have developed our platform to support them. With innovative technology that makes it easier to run a restaurant – and easier to turn ambition into reality!

We may have been around longer than many others. But we are not finished. It is in Ancon’s DNA to constantly evolve and create better and better solutions to help restaurateurs increase sales, contribute to a higher level of service, improved guest experience, while saving time and money.


Our values


Strong and lasting relationships are built on mutual respect, trust, teamwork and clear communication. These are the foundations on which we build our success, both internally and towards our customers and stakeholders.


We will listen and respond to the unique needs, aspirations and strengths of our customers and the people we work with.


With openness and curiosity, we strive tirelessly for perfection and efficiency in what we do.


Honesty, integrity and ownership are our watchwords. In other words, we should:

  • Pray like people
  • Keeping our promises
  • Helping

we have over 2000

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