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Discover our ecosystem of powerful integrations

Time to scale up? Ancon Cloud allows you to seamlessly integrate with the industry’s most popular integrations, from finance and billing to loyalty and HR systems.

Finance and invoicing


A cloud-based platform for accounting, invoicing and payroll management.

Personnel system

Human resources

A cloud-based and user-friendly HR and payroll system for hotels, restaurants and cafes.


An all-in-one personnel system. Smart features for scheduling, payroll and finance.

Hourly check

All staff management in one place – scheduling, communication with employees, HR and real-time overview of operations.

Rain Dance

Optimize and integrate your business processes. With a powerful platform and tailored solutions, Raindance helps businesses streamline their operations and maximize their results.


CGI is a global leader in IT and business solutions that drives digital transformation and business success through customized consulting services.

Hotels and reservations


Cloud-based PMS (Property Management Software) that helps hotels and hostels automate processes to simplify daily operations.


Suite provider of tailor-made solutions for staff and guests. Uses data to increase customer loyalty and improve user-friendliness.


Omniboost is a data automation solution for hotels and restaurants that seamlessly integrates POS, PMS and accounting data, making processes faster and easier.



The only platform you need to get paid. Charge across all markets and channels. 24/7 support. High operational reliability. Secure checkout. Protect revenue and control finances.


Payment solutions for restaurants, shops and online. Provides card terminals, along with solutions for online payments and transactions.

Apple Pay

Enable secure in-store, in-app and online payments with Apple Pay. Works with all Apple devices.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system to power in-app, online and in-person contactless purchases on mobile devices, allowing users to make payments using Android phones, tablets or watches.

Surfboard Payments

Surfboard Payments offers innovative payment solutions to optimize transaction processes. Through secure and convenient payment methods, they help businesses increase their sales and streamline their online operations.

Mastercard – Click to pay

Master Card Click to Pay lets your guests pay quickly and easily with one click. It works on all devices, in all browsers, and collects all cards in one secure place.

Stock management and inventory


Offers purchasing and inventory management solutions through its purchasing portal. Also offers analysis and reporting functionality. Acquired FreshX in 2019.


Apicbase offers customized recipe management and food photography solutions for the restaurant industry.



With Tenzo, all the data is on one fast platform, available wherever you are, on mobile or web.



The Deliverect integration helps you display all your home delivery providers on one screen – in your POS system, such as Foodora, UberEats and Wolt.

Gift card system


Microdeb offers tailor-made cash and payment solutions for restaurants, shops, amusement parks, municipalities and county councils.


Versatile platform for gift cards and loyalty programs. With tailored solutions, they help companies increase sales and strengthen customer relationships through effective management of rewards and incentives.

Guest Experience Management


Increase revenue by focusing on the guest experience and let Maîtres do the rest. – booking, payment, insight, communication and loyalty programs


Como is a leading provider of customized cloud-based solutions for restaurants and retailers with a strong focus on increasing customer loyalty and optimizing sales efficiency.