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Cookie Policy – Ancon AB

Updated: December 2022

In this cookie policy (the ”Cookie Policy”) we describe how and why we use cookies and similar technologies on the following platforms:

Above platforms are jointly referred to as the “website” in this Cookie Policy

1.     What are cookies and similar technologies?

A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. There are also other similar technologies for example pixel tags and web storage (which can be used to store information in your browser).

In this Cookie Policy all these types of cookies and technologies are referred to as ”cookies”.

We can place cookies on your device and access the information stored in these cookies from your device when you visit and use the website.

2.     Your consent is needed for the use of cookies

Except for essential cookies, please see ”Why do we use cookies?” in section 3 below, cookies will only be placed on your device if you consent to the relevant category of cookies. Your consent to the use of cookies is stored for a period of maximum 12 months. After this period, we will ask for your consent again.

You can choose not to allow or disable a category of cookies at any time, please see ”How you can control the use of cookies” in section 7 below. Please note that not allowing or disabling cookies on the website may adversely affect your experience on our website which as a result may not function as intended. For instance, if you refuse performance cookies, we may be less able to improve our website based on your user needs.

3.     Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies for different purposes. We use essential cookies and performance cookies as explained below:

  • Essential cookies are used to ensure technical functionality and security of the website. These cookies are necessary for our website to work properly and securely and to protect the website. Therefore, these cookies cannot be disabled.
  • Functional cookies enable the website to store information provided and are used to recognise and remember your preferences (such as language settings). This in order to improve user experience and functionality on our website. These cookies will only be used with your consent.
  • Performance cookies are used to analyse the behaviour of the users of the website. They collect information on the use of our website, including which pages that you have visited and for how long. Performance cookies help us e.g. to identify the most popular elements of our website. This helps us to develop and improve the website based on user needs and therefore to improve the user experience. They will only be used with your consent.
  • Marketing cookies track your online activities, including your activities on our website and other websites, such as the pages you visit and the links or advertisements you click, to provide advertising content that is more relevant to you and tailored to your personal interests and preferences. These will only be used with your consent.

4.     Which types of cookies are used?

There are first-party and third-party cookies on the website:

  • First-party cookies are set by the website that you visit. First-party cookies used on the website are set by us.
  • Third-party cookies are set by a website other than the website that you are currently browsing, for example by our partners and service providers.

5.     How long are cookies stored on your device?

There are two types of cookies used on the website which affect how long the cookies are stored:

  • Session cookies are stored during the time that you use the website and are deleted when you close your browser.
  • Persistent cookies are stored on your device until they expire or until you delete them manually. They allow us to remember your preferences and activities on the website. The length of time these cookies are stored on your device varies depending on the specific cookie used.

6.     DETAILED information on the Cookies we use

For more information on the cookies we use for each purpose, its duration (including whether it is a session or persistent cookie), please refer to the detailed list of cookies available in the cookie banner and in our cookies management centre.

7.     How you can control the use of cookies

You can control the use of cookies on the website as follows:

  • In the cookies settings available on the website. You can manage the cookies settings in our cookies management centre on the website that appears when clicking on the link available from the cookie banner or the link available in the footer on all pages of the website.
  • In your browser. You can manage your cookies settings in your browser. For more information on how you turn cookies off, please see the instructions for your browser. Normally you can set your browser to block all cookies, to accept certain cookies or to delete cookies when you close your browser.

8.     Use of personal data

Certain cookies may collect and store personal data about you, but not all. For more information on our use of personal data, including how we collect, use, and share your personal data and which rights you have in relation to our use of your personal data, please see our

9.     any questions?

If you have questions regarding our use of cookies, please contact us on the below details:

Ancon AB
Reg. no.: 556257-3039
Address: Kungsgatan 11, 451 30, Uddevalla