Zapper_Ancon_LogoAncon has developed an integration with Zapper mobile payments = SCAN. PAY. GO!

Zapper is an international company that provides mobile payments through its application for iOS, Android & Windows Phone.

How does it work?

À la carte: a QR code is printed on the advance note, the guest scans the QR code, pays with their app and then the note is closed in the POS system automatically. Of course, there is the possibility of partial payment and tipping.

Lunch: one or more QR codes are placed at the desired location in the restaurant, for example at the entrance. The guest scans the QR code that corresponds to the desired dish, for example the meat of the day. The item is locked directly into the checkout system and the guest receives a receipt to pick up the food.

All guests who pay with Zapper at a specific restaurant are then stored in a database and the restaurateur can use the contacts to make promotions, mailings and the like.

Introduction to Zapper

Short demo Ancon + Zapper

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