Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant can probably relate to the panic that arises when the cash register suddenly crashes. The history is at zero and the customers start moving towards the door. What do you do when you can’t charge anymore? We share our tips!

How your restaurant is affected when the cash register crashes

Imagine the cash register stops working in the middle of lunch, during a dinner session or when the party has just started at the nightclub. Chaos! Not only does this put the staff in a difficult position, but it also leads to the restaurant losing money.

There’s nothing worse than having to tell customers that you can’t charge, right now. Even the most loyal regulars won’t hang around waiting for you to fix the cash register in the indefinite future. In other words, a crashed till can mean a loss as big as a lunch rush. A whole session can go to waste, just because there was no plan b.

If it happens often, you may also become known as that restaurant that’s always on the blink. And customers can’t be bothered with the hassle, so they choose the corner bar over you. Strive for them to remember you as the place that quickly and smoothly handled that cash crunch instead. Or – solve the problem before they notice it!

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How to save the day!

Call support as soon as the cash register breaks down, because every second counts! Do you have a cash register system that backs up in real time? Good! Then you can ask support to copy the database (with all the history up to the second before the system crashed) and install it on another device, for example your laptop. The laptop acts as a cash register for the rest of the passport and all the data is saved! In case of a simple crash, a good support team can fix this in 15 minutes (and over the phone). Ask your supplier what their crash support procedures are!

Does your POS system only back up at the end of the shift? Then today’s cash history is lost. And there’s nothing you can do about it. In most cases, you can still make a provisional checkout of your laptop, but the history will be at zero.

Has the card terminal hooked up to the purchase? Some suppliers, such as Ancon, have warehouses around the country and can help you get new parts for your cash register if they break. Another big advantage is if your POS system allows you to have two card terminals – if one stops working, you’ll still have one to spare. And get Swish! It may sound simple, but Swish is a good option to use if the cash register stops working. It can be a stopgap until you get your cash register back up and running.

Does your POS system store data in the cloud? Great! Also, make sure to add a local backup at the restaurant, so that the system works both with and without the internet. Then you’re not screwed if the internet goes down.

How to protect your restaurant against system crashes:

  • Get a cash register system that backs up in real time, so you don’t have to worry about losing any data
  • Have a laptop available in case the worst happens and let it be your temporary cash box
  • Choose a POS system that has good support, with procedures on how to solve problems like a crashed cash register (and can do it quickly!)
  • Think reliable and get a solution that stores all information in the cloud but also has a local operation in the restaurant that works offline

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