1/9 we release our updated iOS app.

Our app for the restaurant industry is appreciated by our customers and saves a lot of time as staff avoids unnecessary running between the guest’s table and the POS system. Usually the app is used to take orders at the guest’s table, everything that is entered on the handset is saved in real time to the regular POS system and bonged to the kitchen/bar.

What’s new?

In August, we will launch our new version which includes bar mode, meaning that the note does not have to be connected to a table. Thus, the app now works much better as an entrance ticket, extra ticket or similar.

Ancon iOS App iZettleApp + iZettle = True

iZettle is a unique and innovative provider of card terminals. No monthly fee, only transaction fee. In addition, it is a fresh and aesthetically pleasing product.

We have integrated our app with iZettle. When you click on “Pay/Card” in the app, the amount to be paid is sent to the terminal, the guest inserts his/her card, enters the PIN code and authorises the transaction. The note is then automatically closed in the POS system.

Offer from iZettle

Right now iZettle offers our customers half price on the card terminal, only 395kr excl VAT for a one-time fee, after that there are no ongoing subscription fees.

Applications iZettle + Ancon:

  • Payment at the guest’s table.
  • Extra card terminals at peak season.
  • Admission cash, extra cash, bar cash.
  • Extra card terminal if the regular one breaks down.

More information?

Contact sales: sales@ancon.se / 0523-131 00