We are now more systems developers than ever at Ancon. We are currently running two interesting projects that we are looking forward to launching to our customers – Ancon G2 and Ancon Web Backoffice.

Ancon G2

Ancon G2Since 2014 we are working on a new version of Ancon Guest/Shop. Currently, all our developers work with G2. A few new features include:

  • New interface, flexible and highly customisable according to the customer’s specific needs.
  • Tighter integration with card readers to minimise problems.
  • Easier management of menus.
  • Support for Widescreen monitors.
  • With much more…

The update will be free of charge for all customers with a service contract. The Ancon G2 is targeted to be operational in 2015.

Web backoffice

Ancon Web BackofficeToday, you can install a Backoffice program on a computer and use it to administer the cash register (e.g. change items, view reports, manage users, etc.). Today’s solution requires the installation of software and the computer to be on the same network as the cash register.

We are now developing the Ancon Web backoffice. The advantage of this solution is that you can manage your cash register via a website, quickly and easily, where you can access it from home as well as from a sunbed in Gran Canaria.

We expect to launch this solution shortly after the Ancon G2.