As the title suggests, Spicy Hot is facing a system change that places extremely high demands on the cash register system and its reliability. During January we started the first installation at Spicy Hot Hälla in Västerås, followed by Västerleden and the other restaurants.

Spicy Hot is a fast-growing Asian fast food chain where food is cooked to order. Hence the importance of fast payments and fast customer handling, with MultiPay (handle multiple card payments per checkout at the same time) and NFC (put the card on the card terminal and the purchase is completed without a PIN for less than 250 SEK).

“When you run a restaurant chain, you want control, the right features and, above all, good support. Ancon meets our requirements and expectations and simplifies our everyday life, every day”

Marcus Väisänen, Brand Manager
Spicy Hot

We look forward to a long and fruitful cooperation and wish them all the best!

Who are the Spicy threats?

The restaurant offers Asian food, which is always cooked to order so that you as a customer are guaranteed a fresh dish! They don’t use any semi-finished products but the food is still prepared quickly! After 20 years in the business, it’s safe to say that Spicy hot works and is sustainable! The food comes straight from the wok pan and is cooked to your taste! Do you want hot food? Mild food? Or just the right amount of heat? They’ll fix that at the restaurant! Asian food has stuck in the Swedish psyche and is here to stay! The Asian restaurant cooks from scratch using only good, fresh and high-quality ingredients. You will find the restaurants in a number of locations in Sweden such as Stockholm, Uppsala, Västerås, Norrköping and more, it is a well-established chain with good values and good food! If you are looking for good Asian food that cooks to order, this is the place to go! What’s more, they use Ancon’s convenient checkout solutions! We at Ancon think it deserves a visit!