Ancon G2 Tablet

Ancon G2 tablet

The power of a POS.
Made portable.

What would it be like if you could bring all of the functionality of the POS, with the same simple interface, anywhere in your restaurant? With the Ancon G2 Tablet, now you can. All of the features with none of the running back and forth to the full POS, which means more time for your guests.

Ancon G2 Tablet -Bild på mobilt kassasystem för restauranger

Small size. Full function.

The Ancon G2 Tablet is a mobile POS that allows you to work seamlessly between the regular POS and this mobile variant. It contains all the same features you find in our regular POS, with the same interface your staff is already familiar with. Manage orders at the table, send the ticket directly to the kitchen. It couldn’t be simpler.

Take orders tableside

With our server’s app developed for portable devices, your staff can easily take orders directly at the guest’s table. With the push of a button, the ticket is sent directly to the kitchen, allowing your staff to save time while providing faster customer service.

Every month, your servers will save many kilometres walking to and from the POS, not to mention many hours of extra work. Mounted in a fixed location in the restaurant, the server’s app can also be used as a separate ticketing system, allowing orders to be sent from the tablet instead of having to go to the kitchen.

G2 Tablet - Bordskarta

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