Kortterminal som kopplas till Ancons Kassasystem Restaurang

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The right payment terminal to fit your business

Every restaurant’s needs are different, making the choice of payment terminal important. Struggling with long queues at lunch and need to be able to take multiple payments at the same time? We can help. Would you rather guests pay directly at their table? We have a solution for that too. Wired or wireless. One terminal or several. The choice is yours.

Accept all modern payment methods

If a customer can pay with it, we can ensure you can accept it.

Take the cash register to the guest with TablePay

Let your guests pay at the table with a wireless payment terminal and our TablePay function. Enter the guest’s table number into the terminal and get a printed invoice. Or take payment with card or NFC. The receipt is printed from the terminal and the note is closed in the POS, all without leaving the guest.

Let two customers pay at the same time

If you take payment at the counter, MultiPay lets you process more customers by connecting several payment terminals to one POS.

Even better, one person at the POS can run two card terminals, allowing them to take payments from two separate customers at the same time. More efficient for your staff. Less wait for your customers. A win for everyone.

Kassasystem med kortterminaler

Need an acquiring agreement?
(And you very well might.) We can help!

In order for your customers to be able to pay by card, you must have an acquiring agreement, which governs how much each card transaction will cost. In general, many businesses have these through their bank.

In collaboration with some of the leading payment providers—Nets, Elavon and Adyen—we can offer a favourable acquiring agreement. Together we can review the different kinds of card payments you want to be able to take and find you the best acquiring agreement for you by function and price.

How can we help you today?

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