Ancon MobilePOS kassasystem för restauranger

Ancon G2 mobile POS

Take orders. Take payments. Take the POS with you.

One device. Take orders. Take payment. Print the receipt.

All tableside. All in one stylish little package. It can be just that easy.

Ancon G2 MobilePOS-Bild på kassasystem för restauranger

A POS in your pocket

The future is here with the Ancon G2 Mobile POS. A small and flexible mobile POS that is connected to your regular system, allowing  your staff to open and manage tables and orders and send them directly to the kitchen. When the meal is over, take payment and print a receipt. All in one handheld package.

We’ve developed our Mobile POS for smaller screens, with a focus on ease of use and as few button presses as possible to let you focus on serving your guests as quickly and easily as possible.

Advanced payment paired with ease of use

When it is time for guests to pay, the Ancon G2 mobile POS can handle even more complicated scenarios with ease of use. Through the unit you can print the guest’s invoice, split the note and even manage partial payments, all with a few button presses.

Naturally your guests can pay with card, but with built-in NFC, taking payment with ApplePay, SamsungPay and other cardless systems is just as easy. The guest pays directly on the unit, can add a tip, and receives their receipt printed directly from the Mobile POS.

G2 Mobile POS NFC-Bild på kassasystem för restauranger

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