Kitchen display system

Improve communication with the kitchen and your guests

Whether you are a fast food or à la carte restaurant, our kitchen displays can be a valuable addition to your business, customised to your workflow. Tickets can be sent directly to the kitchen, improving ticket time and order accuracy. Or customer facing, they can keep your guests informed when their food is ready.

More efficient communication with your kitchen

Communicate more efficiently between the front of house and kitchen in real time, both ways. Order tickets can be sent automatically to the kitchen. When food is ready for pickup, the kitchen can just as easily notify service. Quick and easy.

You can also choose exactly how you want orders to flow. Send  drink orders to the bar’s screen, while food orders go to the appropriate section of the kitchen. Or automatically send orders to a printer if your workflow requires physical tickets. You choose the the set-up that works best for your business.

Scream less. Serve more.

In addition to improving the workflow in the kitchen, fast food restaurants can benefit from an additional, customer-facing screen, customised with your business’ branding, that updates them on their meal’s status. 

Eliminate pucks or simply yelling out when an order is ready and hoping the right guest hears. When the order is ready, the status clearly shows on the display and they pick up their food. It’s as easy as that.

Jonas Frost - Open New Doors

Getting order tickets directly to the kitchen was a big win. Previously we wrote them by hand, which took time and was also more likely to be wrong. It is simple to add items into the system and there is even an easy way to communicate special orders.

Jonas Frost

Owner, Open New Doors


The Little Printer

For when you need paper.

Even in a digital world, we know that paper still has a place in many restaurants. Our printer can be used in conjunction with the displays. Tickets can automatically be sent and printed out in the kitchen.

Digital or paper or both. The choice is up to you.

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