Express self-service kiosk

Big screen.
Bigger orders.

Self service kiosk

Free up staff to focus for preparing meals by letting your guests order and pay themselves with Ancon Express. Reduce lines and increase sales, all at a cost that makes an Express Checkout affordable to any restaurant. 

Affordable to all

You don’t have to be McDonald’s or Max to benefit from an Express self-service kiosk. With customisable software and affordable hardware, Ancon Express is within reach of any restaurant, big or small.

Less costs, more earnings

An express self-service kiosk helps free up personnel, while at the same time increasing the opportunities for upselling, by automatically suggesting items to compliment the guest’s order.

Pay with chip, blip or phone

Guests pay quick and easy with our built-in terminal that handles ChipXPress, NFC and even ApplePay and SamsungPay.

Make your Express
self-service kiosk yours

Your Ancon Express is made to meld into your restaurant’s interior. Customise the interface to match your branding, as well as make the whole unit fit into your restaurant’s interior: on a stand, on a wall, mounted into a tabletop—even emerging from the jungle. The only limit is your imagination.

Ancon Express Self-Service Kiosk installation

Find the solution that fits your needs

Whether your restaurant is fast food, pizzeria or fine dining, we have a POS to help your business.

How can we help you today?

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