Run your restaurant from anywhere

With Ancon’s web back office and integrations to many popular restaurant management services, if you have an internet connection, you can be on top of your restaurant, any time, anywhere.

Ancon WBO on phone, tablet and laptop


Keep tabs on everything. From anywhere.

Our web back office gives you total control over your business—from your computer, tablet or even smartphone. Get realtime sales data, change or add to your menu, even see which staff is logged in—plus much more. And because it’s cloud-based, you’re good to go anywhere you have internet. 

Real-time reporting

Keep on top of the day’s sales in realtime from any device, including your phone and easily compare it to past performance. Ancon Dynamic Reports Charts and a simple filter-system make finding and reading data in Ancon Dynamic Reports simple but powerful.

Change your menu on the go

Adding new items, adjusting pricing, even just changing the daily lunch special can be done quickly and easily in the back office and is instantly reflected on the POS (and even the ordering app!) 

Invoice customers

With our invoice solution you can automate the biggest part of your invoice routine.


See who is logged in and even how they are selling. Plus advanced permissions let you decide who has access to what in the system.

Interested in seeing it for yourself?

We’d love to show you.

Anette Borg Willing - AnJo Wine & Dine
“With a cloud-based back office, it is easy to follow statistics both on the computer but also on the phone. Because it is so easy to use and accessible, I have a good overview of the restaurant. ”
Anette Borg Wiling
Owner, AnJo Wine & Dine Bakery


Restaurant management solutions that play well with others

Ancon’s solutions work seamlessly with a host of other services to create a complete suite for administering your business. From order taking and table reservations to accounting and managing your personnel, Ancon is the hub that helps keep your business running, letting you focus on what’s really important to you.
Online ordering
Ancon Order app icon

Ancon Order

Ancon’s B2C online ordering app, allowing any restaurant to quickly and easily offer app-based ordering to your guests, integrated directly into your G2 POS.

Table reservations


Let your guests quickly and easily book a table through your website, freeing up your staff from answering phones.

Fortnox logo


Avoid extra administrative work with automated export ofyour daily Z-reports directly into Fortnox’s web-based accounting, as well as synchronization of customer and invoice data.

Personnel, scheduling and payroll

Manage your staff with scheduling and payroll management integration. Sales data is sent from Ancon G2 to the third party system, helping you to better analyse your personnel costs in relation to sales. It can also help with forecasting, using previous sales data to help plan your staffing needs in the future.

Personnel, scheduling
& payroll


Advanced software for scheduling your employees.

Personnel, scheduling
& payroll
Quinyx logo


A cloud-based, mobile-first workforce management solution.

Personnel, scheduling
& payroll
Caspeco logo


Make scheduling and payroll management more efficient. 

Personnel, scheduling
& payroll
Personalkollen logo


Automated time reporting, scheduling and payroll management.

Hotel management systems

With Ancon G2 integration,  your food services are seamlessly connected to your hotel billing. With just a few taps, staff can easily add a guest’s food and drink tab to their room bill so they pay when they check out. Easy.

Hotel management
HotSoft logo


HotSoft 8, from HoistGroup, is one of the most popular hotel management systems on the market. 

Hotel management


The all-in-one hotel management system by AK Techotel.

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