The health chain Reload Superfood in Stockholm now allows guests to place their own orders via Ancon’s self-service checkouts. A convenient solution as all sales are usually done over the counter. By allowing the customer to place their order, pay, receive an order number and easily see on a screen when it’s time to pick up their food, queuing is minimised and the flow in the restaurant is optimised.

Using the flexibility of our kitchen displays, we have tailored a solution for the staff behind the counter. The order enters a screen, is accepted and flies up to a larger screen where staff can easily see what to pack and then deliver to the customer.

We are happy to be part of the trip, take the opportunity to visit them when you are in Stockholm, you will not be disappointed!

Check out Reload here.

What are Reload superfoods?

Reload superfood can be found in three locations in Stockholm, located at: Torggatan 2 Solna, Sveavägen 78 Stockholm and Sergelgatan 21 Stockholm. The restaurant offers its customers to compose their own healthy dishes or they can choose ready-made packages. They offer everything from salads, hot dishes, acai and smoothie bowls, wraps, drinks and coffee. A restaurant that offers fast food with health in focus and they use good ingredients!