As Ancon grows, so do our customers. After weeks of renovation, Punk Royale has now opened another bar – next door to the first one.

 Their first restaurant will work entirely on the basis of tasting menus, while Punk Royale Café will act more like an a la carte restaurant.

“We like a bit of a simpler place ourselves, where you can just pop in for a beer – or a full night out. And we’ve missed cooking that food. But you’ll definitely recognise the atmosphere and the aesthetic. There will be a good volume of sound and we’ll have a smoke machine. Some of the dishes from Punk Royale, like the caviar shot and the duck liver with the old man on it, will also be available in the café, says Kalle Nilsson.”

We keep our fingers crossed for the boys and their new venture and of course hope for a new “study visit” soon!