A POS that is way more than just a cash register

Take a guest’s order. Automatically send it to the kitchen. Take payment at the table. Even split the bill with just a few taps. We take care of the nitty gritty in the front of house so you can focus on taking care of your guests.

Focus on ordering

The POS to fit your restaurant's needs

Whether your restaurant is fast food, pizzeria or fine dining, we have a POS to help your business.

POS system for Restaurant Display


Fast. Reliable.
Made for you.

Outside of the kitchen, your POS is probably the most important tool in your restaurant. The Ancon G2 POS was built from the ground up with speed and reliability at its core, drawing from our years of experience in the hospitality industry. Fast. Flexible. Packed with features but infinitely customisable, it’s the POS that managers, administrators and front of house staff love to use.

Ancon G2 tablet

The power of a POS. Made portable.

Take the POS to the customers instead of the customers to the POS. Full functionality in a portable package that lets you spend less time running back and forth to a stationary POS and more time on your guests.

Ancon g2 Express

The self-service kiosk for everyone

Free up staff to focus on preparing meals by letting your guests order and pay themselves with Ancon Express.

Reduce lines and increase sales, all at a cost that makes an Express self-service kiosk affordable to any restaurant. 

Self service kiosk

More than just a POS

With an Ancon G2 POS, you get so much more than just the hardware. You get a web-based back-end administration and a support network to get you up and going and make sure you keep running smoothly.

Quick and easy set-up and installation

We help you every step of the way in setting up your Ancon POS, from training and help with with the web back office to even installing hardware if needed.

Always available support

We’re proud to offer Sweden’s best support, available to all of our customers, 24/7 over phone, chat and mail.

Track the day's results
(and more) from anywhere

With the G2 Web Back Office, anywhere you have a phone or computer and an internet connection, you can see how your restaurant is performing—and more. Check on the day’s sales. Or jump in and modify your POS or change your menu or prices even when you’re nowhere near your restaurant.


Built on our own in-house software

All of our products run on our G2 platform, created by our in-house development team. That allows us to easily update and add features to make your POS and back office even better, quicker and more stable.

Focus on Payment

Make paying as quick and easy as ordering

Increase efficiency by letting your staff take multiple payments at once or bring the card terminal to the guest’s tableside. Taking payment has never been easier.


Kortterminal som kopplas till Ancons Kassasystem Restaurang

Ancon G2 Payment Terminals

Let your guests pay wherever with whatever

Fast. Modern. Reliable. Payment cards. Blip. ApplePay. Samsung Pay. MultiPay. TablePay.

Speed up your queue with multiple payment terminals or take the terminal tableside. Or both. Whatever your need, we have the solution.

Focus on the Kitchen

The easy way to keep your kitchen in the loop

Our kitchen display systems make sending tickets from front of house to the kitchen easier and quicker than ever. Or in fast food settings, use the same system to let your let your guests know when their order is ready without confusion or calling out orders.

Ancon G2 KDS

Go digital in the kitchen

Whether you are a fast food or à la carte restaurant, our kitchen displays can be a valuable addition to your business, customised to your workflow. Tickets can be sent directly to the kitchen, improving ticket time and order accuracy. Or customer facing, they can keep your guests informed when their food is ready.

How the right POS can improve your restaurant

Whether you run a restaurant, a café, a bar or even a nightclub, an easy-to-use and tailored POS will facilitate all aspects of your hospitality business and contribute to a higher customer satisfaction. Simply put, it’s the heart that keeps everything just working.

A restaurant POS is used to take the guest’s order and send their order to the kitchen and/or bar. The POS has two components: the software or app, which is installed on a cash register computer with a touch screen or a tablet.

A complete POS for a restaurant has many functions designed to make your everyday life smoother. For example, you can easily split a bill, take a partial payment or promote the next dish to the kitchen. When it’s time to pay, the POS supports all the payment methods you would expect—cash, cards—as well as gift cards and invoices.

In addition to providing operational support, your POS also helps on the administration side, with bookkeeping and invoicing. Through integrations, you can automate your accounting of the day’s Z-report. Avoid extra work by connecting the restaurant’s POS with your accounting system. You can send invoices to your existing invoicing system, such as Fortnox or Visma e-Ekonomi, all with just the simple push of a button.

Want to find the best solution for your business? Contact one of our specialists for a free consultation to help you find the right solution.

How can we help you today?

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