Now it’s time for a new version of the Ancon G2, with a host of new features and improvements. Please read through this text to find out how the new version can help you.

If you are unsure, we recommend that you contact our support department and we will help you.

The update will start on 3/10 at 02:00 and will last overnight, all Ancon G2 customers will be updated, of course outside your opening hours. All servers and cash registers will be upgraded automatically but we ask you to start up and test the system well in advance of the opening of your business on 3/10.

The update includes:

  • Collection bong
    When the collection bong is activated, purchases at the checkout are not bonged into the kitchen until the collection bong is completed. This is particularly useful for lunch services where most guests want to eat together but pay separately. The function is also available in an “automatic” mode where it is active all the time.
  • Multiarticles
    Define a main article which then consists of “subbars”. For example, you could create an article called “The Football Package” which consists of a Hamburger and a Beer. Another example is the “Tasting menu” which consists of multiple sub-items “Right 1”, “Right 2” and so on. These can then be framed as they go along via Ancon’s framing solution.
  • Wait/Fram “Ancon Guest Style”
    In G2 we have an advanced Wait/Find system that we call Courses/Rights. There you define all items in e.g.: starter, dessert etc. which then controls the wait/forward functionality. In this new G2 version we are launching a simpler version based on how it worked in Ancon Guest. For those who want to work easily with framing for kitchens.
  • Tribal Guest Card/Lunch Card
    Similar to the Gift Card released in June, but here the card is linked to a specific customer. The card can also be linked to a discount. The customer prepays the guest card. We can also help you print the cards if you wish.
  • Integration to Caspeco
    Send sales data to Caspeco to analyse the data together with personnel costs. Also basis for scheduling.
  • Invoice management in Backoffice
    There is now a new page in Web Backoffice where you can see all the invoices paid with Invoice as payment method. For those of you who do not use the Fortnox Invoicing integration, you can also print an invoice template here for input into a separate invoicing system. You can also mark whether the note is invoiced or not.
  • Merge Notes
    When you move a note to a table that already has a note, a dialog box appears, giving you the option to merge the note with the existing one or move it to a separate note on the table.
  • Status light on table map
    You can now see which dish is presented on a table.
  • New settings page in the checkout
    There is now a new page under Checkout Options where you can set the appearance of the checkout such as FlexUI template, menu group and more. Behavioural settings can also be accessed via this page.
  • New report: sales over time
    The report presents hour by hour sales over several days

Other improvements

  • Improvements for faster checkout.
  • Faster back office.
  • New colours on selected item in the notes window.
  • Open Bar Mode automatically (without clicking open).
  • Faster virtual keyboard.
  • + Many more stabilizing measures, improvements and bug fixes!

And what comes next?

In mid-October, we will release a smaller version that includes two significant features:

  • Drink handling – settings
    This allows you to choose whether Tips should be a separate payment method or be included under “Cards”. There will also be a setting where you can decide whether the tip will be deducted from the cash or your own payment method.
  • Work Flow Designer
    With WFD you can design express checkouts, flow between different FlexUI templates and more. Provides extremely large possibilities for the G2 software. For example, you can create a “Page 2” on your cash register where you place buttons that you don’t use very often. With the click of a button you can click between FlexUI page 1 and 2. We can help you streamline your cash flow with this! 🙂