After a year of evaluating different card terminals, Ancon has chosen the supplier Nets to become “Ancon Preferred Partner”. Nets delivers modern card terminals that work well with Ancon’s POS system

A preferred partner delivers a product that works well with an Ancon POS system. The partner will provide good support and a close working relationship with Ancon, so the total solution to the customer is of high quality.

Ancon offers its customers the opportunity to choose from many different card terminal suppliers, but only one supplier can be designated as a Preferred Partner. If the customer chooses another provider, an integration fee of 99 SEK/terminal/month will be added.

– By working closer with a selected partner, our developers can establish a good technical integration and the support staff learn the solution in depth. At the same time, order processing flows much more smoothly as we have well-established contact channels between the companies, says Ancon’s CEO, Mikke Hermansson.

Nets supplies stationary and mobile card terminals that can be used at both bar and table sales. All hardware comes from Ingenico and is of the highest build quality, providing stable reliability.

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