The meat shop Lennart and Bror, run by Rasmus Ek and Fritjof Andersson, has quickly become a natural in the hearts of many Stockholmers, including yours truly. As more and more people turned their attention to what started out as the deli, the focus began to shift to on-site catering as well. Nowadays, it’s both, swing in on your way home from work, pick up a hanging rib-eye steak while you grab a beer. Lunch and dinner are also served in a cool setting with fine cutlery.

As the focus shifted to the restaurant side, Rasmus found that the need for a good restaurant system became more and more apparent. Following recommendations, they chose to work with Ancon G2. The restaurant will be facilitated by a good bong system, but also by being able to charge at the table using TablePay terminals. The personal service is incredibly important to Rasmus and Fritjof and this was a very good and smooth solution!

Since our Stockholm office is located about 100 meters from the restaurant, it is not at all impossible that you run into one of us there, a new favorite place! We wish Lennart and Bror all the best on their journey and we are happy to help!

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Who are Lennart and Bror?

Located at Birger Jarlsgatan 83, 113 56 Stockholm this is the meat shop you just have to visit!

Lennart and Bror’s main motive is to provide a unique service for their customers! They have the highest quality products at the meat counter. Everything from sausage to hanging piece details. In addition to being a meat shop located in the city centre, customers can also enjoy a good meal or a drink. They offer a menu based mainly on meat but also provide vegan options! Please stop by this incredible deli!