Klassiska Kajsas Fisk, home of Stockholm’s best fish soup, in Hötorgshallen has recently purchased two complete Ancon G2 POS systems.

The pressure during lunchtime is very high, which places great demands on a reliable and fast system. This is provided using the Ancon G2 with associated IPP350 POS terminals. By being able to follow their sales via Backoffice, they get easily accessible statistics in real time.

We at Ancon AB welcome the team at Kajsas Fisk and we look forward to a long and successful cooperation.

What are Kajsa’s fish?

Kajsa’s Fish is a family-owned restaurant in a true supermarket environment! Located in Hötorgshallen since 1984, this is a restaurant with a rich history. Kajsas fish is the fish bistro you should visit when you are in Hötorgshallen, besides being an obvious location to have a fish restaurant at, there are also ingredients and knowledge! Hötorget has a rich history as a salting place, fish has been sold here for centuries! Kajsa’s fish keeps the sword going! Welcome to a family-owned restaurant in the heart of Stockholm!