Summer is approaching, or is it already here?

Summer is a busy time for many of our customers who run summer taverns – including us. During the month of May, we have sent out many boxes to customers around Sweden, to equip them for the upcoming high season. Seasonal rental is a service we offer our customers, a lot of installation work but appreciated.

There is a lot going on at Ancon, great times with many exciting projects, see below.

Fresher & faster cash register: today a shipment of 50 cash registers arrives from our supplier Protech, which is especially exciting as we have ordered a new model that is supposed to become our regular base model. The benefits of this model include a fresh new look and improved performance. The POS is equipped with a faster processor and SSD hard drive, resulting in faster start-ups and more stable operation of Ancon’s POS software.

The cash register of the future: in our development department, we’re going full steam ahead and approaching a first release of Ancon G2, our new cash register software. G2 will be released progressively and will be built on with all the functionality of the current (Guest/Shop) version. All customers with a service contract or All Inclusive contract will have free access to G2. Do you have requests for changes/improvements in our new software? Then please fill in our survey by clicking here. Would you like to see a product image of the system? Click here.

Ancon Restaurant iOS appProject T: Over the past few months we have been working hard on a new product that
you will love
. We posted a teaser image on social media a while ago, you can see it by clicking here. Soon we will launch..!

Ancon – Apple iOS app: we are launching a new version of our app for iOS in June. Version 2.3 includes bar mode, integration with wireless card terminal, note removal, open cash drawer button, larger payment button, and more.

Customer Relationship: we are looking for talented people who can take on the role of “Customer Relationship Manager”. We are looking for talented candidates to hire in Gothenburg and Stockholm. This is a step in getting closer to our customers, forging closer relationships and helping our customers further.

Fair: We will be exhibiting at Restaurang Expo in Gothenburg on 2-3 September, please come by and meet us there.

– – –

These are exciting times and there is a lot going on, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to all the launches we have ahead of us.

Mikke Hermansson

Telephone: 0523-131 00