Jacob Widen, who previously devoted his time to music in the band Neverstore, has now opened up a small bistro & bar with 2 friends, Trädgården Svea, located in Hjos Stadspark.

We at Ancon were honoured to help find a suitable cash solution. As it is a small business, we didn’t want to complicate things, but 1 cashier’s seat is perfect to meet the needs of the business.

On 17 May they opened their doors and the place looks really lovely, perfect for park hanging this summer. Check out their Facebook, Trädgården Svea. It will be really fun to follow your journey.

We are super happy with Ancon as a solution, we also received good training, fast and smooth delivery. I will easily advocate Ancon.

Thank you for your trust and drive hard!


Who is Trädgården Svea?

Trädgården Svea serves unique and classic dishes. Here you will find everything from burgers to pasta carbonara and delicious buffets with food from several countries! Simply a culinary experience. Trädgården Svea is Hjo’s coziest restaurant with a cosy and rustic atmosphere located by the lake Vättern! Feel free to treat yourself to a lovely dinner with an unbeatable view of Lake Vättern!