In October, we launched mobile payments in the Ancon POS system together with Zapper. The first integration was intended for convenient mobile payment at the guest’s table.

We have now taken the solution one step further and offer a convenient solution for, for example, lunch payment, orders from the guest’s table and more. The solution is based on creating a QR code that contains information about a specific item and, if desired, a specific table.

Restaurant solution (Table service)

The restaurant table service solution is a solution that offers the customer/guest the possibility to pay their restaurant bill with the Zapper application. A QR code is written on the pre-note, which the guest scans with their Zapper app. Before the final moment of paying the bill, the guest has the opportunity to split the bill and leave a tip.

When the guest has paid his bill, the table at the cash register is closed and a receipt is printed, marked “paid with Zapper”.

There are also other smart features that the restaurateur can take advantage of in the CRM.

  • Rate & review, where you can also easily get in touch with your customers.
  • Push message and voucher mailings, generate your own quick mailings to your customers.
  • Server codes that allow customers to enter unique service codes to reward staff.
  • Table booking, where you can link to the restaurateur’s existing table booking system.

Examples of uses:

Lunch solution (Lunch Buffet/Daily Lunch)
The Lunch solution is a solution that offers the guest to scan a static QR code containing a fixed amount through the Zapper application. You can choose to pay for one or more lunches/buffets. Information is sent to the POS system which generates (e.g. a lunch) at the cash register. A receipt is printed at the scanning station and the customer can pick up their lunch without waiting in line. You can also add automatic loyalty programs with e.g. Every tenth lunch is free.

Table Scratcher (Weekly Beer/Afterwork Beer)
This solution offers customers to scan static codes at the table on a table scratcher (or other suitable place). When customers choose e.g. the number of beers they wish to pay for, a payment confirmation is printed in the bar’s printer with information about the table number, the person’s name and the number of products. The server can then simply knock out the beer at the counter and take the beer + receipt and walk out with the paid products to the table, alternatively the purchase is automatically closed (if a fully integrated solution is used)

Event/Nightclub/Ticketing Solution
The solution offers customers to scan a static code with, for example, admission, unnumbered tickets to sporting events, shows or a concert via their social media, websites, posters or on-site at entrances. When customers select the number of tickets or entries to be paid for, either a confirmation is printed out by a printer or the payment confirmation that automatically arrives in the customer’s email is used as the ticket.

À la carte payment:
A QR code is printed on the advance note, the guest scans the QR code, pays with their app and then the note is automatically closed in the POS system. Of course, there is the possibility of partial payment and tipping.

Video: Ancon + Zapper “Fast QR Code”

Video: Ancon + Zapper “QR Code on advance note”