Magnus Nilsson, one of Sweden’s hottest and most award-winning restaurateurs, chooses Ancon G2 for Fäviken Svartklubb in Åre.

Magnus Nilsson, the genius behind Fäviken Magasinet, opened the “Fäviken Svartklubb” in Åre last winter. Magnus Nilsson’s venture “Svartklubb” is located next to “Broken” and will complement Fäviken Magasinet.

Black Club is mainly available for guests of Fäviken Magasinet. A way to broaden the experience of the Guide Michelin award-winning restaurant (two stars!)

We are happy, proud and honoured to deliver to the top of the Swedish restaurant scene, we look forward to a long and exciting collaboration.

Tips! Check out Chef’s Table on Netflix, S01E06 where you get to follow Magnus Nilsson, amazingly inspiring!