Stunningly beautiful and luxurious Djurönäset in the Stockholm archipelago chooses to implement the Ancon G2 for the upcoming summer season. At the same time, Djurönäset Hotel & Conference takes the opportunity to upgrade to the latest HotSoft. Of course, the systems are integrated so that hotel guests can put notes in their rooms, directly from the Ancon restaurant cash registers.

To speed up orders from guests, staff can now use mobile plates, no unnecessary running and faster service. In addition, payments are collected directly from the guest, again just as quickly thanks to integrated mobile card terminals.

Djurönäset has 274 hotel rooms, meeting rooms for two to 450 people, a lounge bar, several restaurants, a beach and much more. Want a top class stay? Well, then we have to recommend our new friends at Djurönäset. Want to know more? Check out or get to know them via their Facebook page.

We thank Djurönäset for their trust and we look forward to helping you further develop your business with the help of our technical solutions.