Okay, how cool is this? Rusty Rascal’s concept is as cool as it is obvious – Barbershop and Café. Insanely good barbers interspersed with hot freshly brewed coffee.

Now it’s also speeding up the payment flow with fast Ancon G2 tills and integrated card terminals. As Rusty Rascals now has three devices, everything is centralised via chain control and easily managed from a web browser on a mobile or computer. Modern, mobile, powerful!

So, whether you’re craving a cup or need to trim your beard or maybe both? Then Rusty is the right choice for you. We thank you for the trust and are happy to be part of developing such a great concept.


Who are the Rusty Rascals?

Rusty Rascals is open every day, at their establishment in Norra Djurgårdsstaden, Lövängsgatan 12A, 115 44 Stockholm, they offer both barbershop, café and bistro! Come for a good cup of coffee or a tasty meal while you wait for your hairdressing appointment! At the establishment in Hammarby allè 59, 12062 Stockholm, they offer a barbershop and café. A quirky concept that is right on time, made for the modern man!

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