Meet your new POS.

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The best order taking platform. Now app-based.

For years, G2 has been a powerhouse that has served you well. But we’ve also been hard at work building you something better: a new solution that is app-based, simpler to set up, easier to use and, because of the cloud, completely seamless.

Welcome to Ancon Cloud.

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Your next-generation POS has arrived

Never miss an order with our full-function, app-based Ancon POS, letting you quickly and easily manage everything you expect from a POS on virtually any tablet or phone. 

This isn’t a scaled-down POS. It has everything you’d expect: floor seating, splitting cheques, payment options and much more.

Ancon POS works just as well on a phone as it does on a tablet!

Seamlessly communicate from the POS to the kitchen—and back again

Communicate more efficiently between the front of house and kitchen in real time, both ways.

Order tickets can be sent automatically from any POS to the kitchen. When an order is completed, change its status here and the guest is notified automatically. Quick, easy and seamless.

The easy way to offer online ordering

Our online ordering app and web site, letting guests order takeaway, delivery and even table service directly from their phone or computer, 24/7 (even when your restaurant is closed).

Orders go directly to Ancon POS, where you can track and manage them and even keep your guest informed on the progress of their order.

With our white label solution, you can even have your own branded app, which also seamlessly connects to Ancon POS.

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Generate more sales with a self-service kiosk

Let your guests order for themselves, freeing up staff and increasing opportunities for upselling by suggesting items to compliment the guest’s order.

All in an attractive and customisable presentation that is affordable and easy to set-up.

Ancon Analytics

Advanced analytics to give you better insight into your business

In addition to all of the administrative features, the web back office now allows you to see your sales in a whole new way.

Analyse and drill down into your sales data in virtually any way imaginable.

The best seller on Saturdays? Which server sells the most daily specials? Compare this week to last week (or last year)? Even forecasting. All at your fingertips, available any time, anywhere you are.

Some features require the full Advanced Analytics package, which will be available for an additional fee.

Are you ready for Ancon Cloud?

This is just a small taste of the what the Ancon Cloud product suite can do for you. 

We’d love to show you your restaurant’s future order platform today.

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