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Cheers will soon open its doors to a newly renovated sports bar and nightclub in Värnamo. Cheers chooses to run the Ancon G2 with, among other things, waiter plates, Multipay and TablePay.

The premises where Team Sportia was housed have been renovated into a state-of-the-art sports bar in the heart of Värnamo. With a wide range of sports, tasty food and great social areas, Cheers is set to become a central point in Värnamo. At the entrance level, guests reach a beautifully decorated restaurant with both bar and table service. Thanks to the Ancon G2, staff can take orders at the tables using 7″ plates. When it comes time to pay, Nets card terminals with TablePay are used, thus minimizing staff runs and increasing service to guests.

Downstairs, the nightclub will be bustling and at the long bar, guests will be offered fast service using Ancon G2 Multipay, the solution where multiple card terminals can be linked to a cash register.

We wish the Cheers team the best of luck and congratulate Värnamo on this fine addition to the city.