Borgvik Slipery opens its doors for the season and has equipped the business with the Ancon Tablet, a stylish cash register system with Heckler Design stands.

Inside the restaurant, our server app is used as a bong station, where staff work quickly and smoothly to place orders to the kitchen. Babs Paylink is used for payments.

We are pleased to deliver to Sliperiet Borgvik, an exciting customer – well worth a visit!

Who is Sliperiet Borgvik?

The slipway in Borgvik has an incredible history. Previously this was an old wood grinding mill and pulp mill. In 2009, Oscar Magnusson bought Borgvik’s wood grinding and pulp mill, and in 2010 he started the Sliperiet art gallery. In this unique setting, cultural heritage meets modern art gallery. Every year they present an incredible collective exhibition of renowned artists. The Sliperiet Gastronomy restaurant serves food prepared from scratch using only the best ingredients.

Sliperiet Gastronomy was founded in 2015. They had an ambition to dare to stand out and not be so square. Raw materials and taste are central to the restaurant, inspired by the cultural heritage of the site. All to create a menu that will stick in the mind of the visitor! Sliperiet Gastronomy has also been awarded good ratings in the White Guide, a recognised Gastroguide! The restaurant was rated “very good class” which says a lot about the class of the restaurant!

The history of the building is very rich, from being an old wood mill and pulp factory to being converted into a power station and then a storage space to today’s art gallery with restaurant! This visit is a must for all art lovers with a taste for a good meal!