Omami streamlines ordering with Express POS and Ancon Order

By adopting Ancon’s self-service Express POS and online ordering with Ancon Order, Omami can lay all their focus on producing awesome food

Simple street food, made without limits. That’s the premise (and promise) Kinna’s Omami makes to their guests.

By using Ancon’s Express self-service kiosks, guests can place orders themselves, creating more time for their personnel to focus on preparing great meals.

And with Ancon Order, guests can even order straight from their phones or a browser on any computer.

Both of these solutions let Omami focus on producing great foods, inspired by the extraordinary flavours of Asian street cuisine.

“This is where we have our roots for inspiration,” describe Omami on their web site.

“And we mix it with recipes inherited through generations, flavors gathered from long journeys around the world and the traditional dishes of Japan. In this way, we can offer classic flavors and at the same time create something new.”

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