App-based POS and Adyen card terminal

Introducing the app-based POS

A POS that doesn’t require more than an app, is a tablet and a card terminal that prints receipts. It doesn’t get any easier!

A lot is happening at Ancon these days. We’re leaving the old clunky POS computers behind and rolling out the future. With just an iPad (or any other tablet), a card terminal that prints receipts and our app-based Ancon POS, you’ve got all you need!

Powered by Ancon Cloud, which ensures that everything stays in sync, you’ve got a simple, seamless, all-in-one solution to power your restaurant.

And with an Adyen card terminal and its built-in printer, there’s no need for a separate receipt printer. It can even print vouchers, straight from the card terminal.

Join our customers like Smoky Bear in Hyathorp who are now using Ancon Cloud and Adyen card terminals to power their restaurant. Talk to one of our knowledgeable sales team to find out how to upgrade your POS.

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