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How to digitalise your restaurant — without becoming impersonal

We live in a digital world. Here are our tips on how to benefit from the efficiency of digitalisation while providing an even better, more personalised level of service.

Today, there are a number of features that help streamline your restaurant. Self-service kiosks let customers order for themselves. Apps allow guests to order or book a table from virtually anywhere. Automated invoices make life easier for your corporate customers. The benefits of the digital restaurant are everywhere. But how do you digitalise your restaurant without risking becoming impersonal?

Customise offers and discounts

Some people associate digitalisation with automating staff tasks to make human intervention unnecessary. But this really isn’t the case. It’s important to find a balance between new functions and existing physical tasks. Digitalisation should help make life easier for your staff, allowing them to provide the guest with better service.

Digital solutions can even help you provide a more personalised guest experience. For example, a self-service kiosk doesn’t just let the guest order for themselves. They can be designed with your own branding to be more a part of the entire restaurant experience. They can also be programmed intelligently to make suggestions to guests based on their order, streamlining their ordering while also increasing the chances of additional sales.

You can also create a loyalty program based on customer data. For example, you can send texts or mailings to regular guests to keep them updated or give them special offers. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to reach a loyal customer with “Hi Anders! We hope you enjoyed the hamburger you had with us last time. Here is a 10% discount off your next one! We hope it tastes great!”?

Allow your staff to focus on the guests

One of the main benefits of digitalising your restaurant is to help you streamline workflows so that staff have more time for guests. This lets your staff focus on what they do best: preparing great food and great experiences for your guests. Service staff will have more time to move freely around the restaurant and talk to customers. This means less stress for your staff and a more efficient, pleasant experience for your guests. Everyone wins.

New digital features can also help you streamline the work in the restaurant, so that the staff has more time for guests. Free up resources so that the staff can work more with value creation, instead of just standing and paying at the checkout. When you automate certain tasks, your employees have more time to move freely in the restaurant. They can talk to customers or focus on cooking. Less stress for the staff and a more pleasant experience for the guests, as there will be less running.

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In a smaller fast food type restaurant, such as a hamburger place with one or two staff, a self-express kiosk can completely transform your business. When customers can order and pay for their meals on their own, it might be enough to have one person working in the kitchen who can both cook and serve food. There is no need for a dedicated person to work the counter. The guests receive efficient service without losing personal contact. One does not mean excluding the other.

Which combination suits your restaurant?

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