There are five classic types of restaurant owner. Which one are you?

Sauce in a dish

We’ve all known one of these people: the boss who is the best buddy with everyone on the staff. The hyper-connected owner who knows everyone in the industry. The chef with the hot temper who loves to cook but doesn’t really know how to run a business. Do you recognize yourself in any of these […]

Five fun facts about semlor

Ever wondered how many semlor Swedes eat? Or how much the largest semla weighs? (Or even what a semla is?) Here are five things you may not know about semlor.

How to reduce food waste in your restaurant

Food waste and climate impact are two hot topics right now—and with good reason. Here are some tips on how to make your restaurant more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Vikten av att äga sin verksamhet

Kontrollera din kärnverksamhet. Äg den, ta ansvar för den. Vi har lärt oss de senaste åren och nu vill vi dela med oss av våra erfarenhet