Mall of Scandinavia’s most nutritious restaurant has opened and chooses Ancon as its supplier. BiM offers high customer service through Ancon’s express checkouts, mobile checkout systems and modern payment solutions.

Body in Motion started in 2008 and opened its first unit in Sundsvall. In November, BiM opened a new restaurant in the Mall of Scandinavia. Guests are offered fresh salads, healthy hot dishes and tasty juices. Using Ancon mobile systems, staff can take orders at the guest’s table. Thanks to Nets card terminals, staff can also take payment at the guest’s table, all to increase customer service.

In December, BiM will launch express checkouts from Ancon. The express checkouts offer guests to take any product, scan and pay – quickly and easily!

We wish the BiM team all the best and success, keep going!

Who is Body in motion – BiM ?

Body in motion started its activities already in 2008. The ambition was to be a guiding restaurant that not only offers good food and drink, but also has the concept of offering knowledge about health and exercise. It aims to be an oasis for a healthy lifestyle. BiM draws inspiration from Asia, the Mediterranean and the USA. They offer hot dishes, salads, freshly squeezed juices, protein, energy drinks and much more! All recipes are created with health in mind and are free from added sugar, fat and preservatives!

BiM’s founder has a background as an athlete. The founder of BiM realised that there was a lack of a concept that focused on people and health as a whole, there was a need to offer a restaurant for a healthy lifestyle. In addition, Body in Motion was created, a concept designed for today’s society with the modern man in focus. You have to eat right and it has to be relatively quick. Body in Motion is for anyone looking for that little extra to enhance a healthy lifestyle. Everything from the fitness person to those who want a healthy meal!