POS system for
Arenas and Amusement Parks

  • Get your whole business together
  • Give your staff the tools they need.
  • Give your guests a perfect experience

No more rollercoaster in your business

We understand your business: it’s complex, you handle large volumes of transactions, many times in an intense and short period of time, e.g. when the audience wants to buy drinks and snacks at the same time during the break, these minutes become critical for turnover. Ancon’s system gives your staff the tools to serve more guests and sell more of your most profitable products – while keeping the guest experience in focus.

“Previously, we had problems with a difficult and complicated back office. But since we started with Ancon, it feels much more secure.”

Anette Borg Wiling


Point of sale (POS)

The Ancon Cloud is designed to create more efficient operations and increased profitability. Fast, reliable and intuitive. Download the app, install the POS system on your mobile, tablet or whatever you feel like and start charging.

– Let guests order Online e.g. via Qr code to reduce the pressure of the checkout staff.

– Use our mobile All-In-One device and charge out in the crowd!

– Take your order – and payment – with just 2 keystrokes in Ancon’s “Smart Bar Mode”

Third-party integrations

The Ancon Cloud has a whole ecosystem of popular integrations to further streamline your everyday life. Fortnox, Personalkollen and Qvanti are some examples.

Explore how our partners can help you with e.g. personnel management, inventory and supplies.


Ipad kit

iPad 10.2″

  • Ancon Stand Black
  • Printer: Star Mc-Print3 Cloud Print
  • Choose the All-In-One card terminal Blast (pictured) or Adyen P400
  • Bigger screen? Choose iPad PRO with Space Pole mount instead.


  • Screen: Elo I-series 4.0 22″ android touch screen
  • Foot: ELO Wallaby Floor Stand Top + Base
  • Printer: Star Mc-Print3 Cloud Print
  • Card terminal Adyen P400

The screen can also be wall mounted with a standard VESA mount. Complete

With card terminal holder on the right side of the screen.

Android Kit 15.6″

  • ELO Tocuch I-Series 4.0 15,6″ touch screen
  • Printer: Star Mc-Print3 Cloud Print
  • Choose the All-In-One card terminal Blast (pictured) or Adyen P400

“Above all, Ancon is a very easy to learn system, simple menus and good user-friendliness”

Magnus Klampe


Installation and support – We help you around the clock

Ancon Cloud is easy to use, but if you need help, we’re available 24/7

Mobile ordering and payment with QR code With Ancon Order

With Ancon Order, your guest can order directly from the table and pay on their mobile with our QR code. You’ll have happier staff and fewer queues at the bar. And with our smart upselling features, you can increase your average score by up to 20%


  • Same article database/menu as in POS, so everything is ready from the start.
  • Let the guest order as they wish, by app or web
  • Strengthen the brand? We create your own app and order web and everything works seamlessly with the checkout. Read

Take orders at the table (and payment!)

With Ancon Blast, you have an all-in-one solution, a complete cash register in your pocket that can run your entire restaurant.


  • Serve more guests with fast payments at the bar (Mulitipay) and conveniently at the tables (Ancon Blast)
  • Let the guest pay as they wish Blipp, Swish or Qr code
  • Wifi or 4G, you decide.
  • From 325 SEK/month

Ancon Analytics

It’s the data behind every meal. Understand all aspects of your business with detailed and predefined reports. Keep an eye on margins, price correctly and sell more of what you earn most from


  • See which products you sell best so you can adapt menus and promotions to increase sales.
  • See how you performed compared to the last match or event.
  • See real-time sales and staff % directly in Ancon POS


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