Skärgårdslinjen has chosen to digitise its boat M/S Trubaduren with several Ancon G2 cash registers together with mobile plates, mobile card terminals and other equipment to support the show staff on the boat.

With faster restaurant systems and the mobile solution, we free up staff time, leaving more time for the show, great right? 🙂

M/S Trubaduren carries 295 passengers and offers cruises in the Gothenburg archipelago with both guided tours and spectacular shows. Enjoy good food, show and beautiful views in the Gothenburg archipelago, take a look at for more information, recommended!

Who is the Archipelago Line?

For over 15 years, the Archipelago Line has been entertaining guests from all corners of the world. The business is family owned and was started by the Åman family. Today it is run by twins Annica and Anders.

The Archipelago Line aims to create wonderful memories for all its guests! Warm and personal service is at the heart of the business and together with beautiful surroundings, fantastic food, drink and entertainment, Skärgårdslinjen is something unique!

They work hard on sustainability, including serving water from their own tap, drinks are served on recyclable packaging and the seafood they serve is MSC certified. In addition, priority is given to KRAV-certified and organic products from the supplier! Meat and chicken come from Green Farms. On the Archipelago Line you can eat with a clear conscience!

Want to get a feel for the M/S Trubaduren? Watch the video below: