On the last of June, Ancon closed the financial year 2016/2017. With a growth rate of over 40%, the company is breaking all previous records. At the same time, Ancon invests in the new company KG Nordic AB.

2016/2017 marks the 12 most intensive months in the company’s history, with the launch of the future G2 IT platform. At the same time, the majority of hirings have taken place as the customer base has grown.

– We’ve had a fantastic year, with more stories and conquests than many people experience in a lifetime. I am extremely grateful to be able to share this adventure with my colleagues,” says Mikke Hermansson, CEO and co-owner of Ancon.

Ancon AB closes the financial year with a turnover of MKR 18.9, compared to MKR 13.5 in the previous year. The company continues to show green figures with a profit of about MKR 1.

– It’s fantastic that we have managed to grow by 40% while showing positive results, at a time when we are investing heavily in the development of our product.

– Göran and I will continue to invest in the well-being of the company, if we can show a profit that is positive but the primary thing is that product development and customer service get the resources needed to be the best in Scandinavia, concludes Mikke.

During the year, Ancon AB has invested in a new company, KG Nordic AB, which is co-owned by Ancon AB, Kristian Svensson and Mikke Hermansson. KG Nordic also shows good growth and good results.

– We believe in keeping product development within Ancon’s walls, which is why we chose to invest in KG Nordic, which develops hardware for self-service solutions, which end customers then use in conjunction with Ancon’s software. KG Nordic is an exciting company with great potential to change an outdated market,” concludes Mikke Hermansson.

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