Ancon Order

  • Let guests order online from their mobile or computer via app or browser.
  • All seamlessly integrated to Ancon POS.
  • Offer both Qr-order and Take Away

Increase revenue with Online Orders

Let guests order via mobile directly from the menu on your website And with our smart added value features and great food images, you can increase your average bill compared to traditional sales by up to 20%

Easily update opening hours, waiting times, delivery limits, delivery charges and more, all to ensure a great customer experience.

All seamlessly integrated to Ancon POS

Strengthen your brand

– We create your own app and embed an orderable menu on your website

  • Not everyone wants to download apps, so we create a menu on your website that guests can order from
  • But of course you also get your own app with your colours logo and pictures
  • You are still part of the Ancon Order “Marketplace” with over 150,000 users who can find your restaurant and order food from you
  • Let the guest pay as they wish, card – swish – apple pay – google pay


Reduce stress and increase sales

Let the guest order the “wait-beer” directly with QR – order from the table. With Ancon Order, you can let your guests order and pay via their mobile phone as soon as they sit down at the table by scanning a QR code.

    • Scan – Order – Pay – “Pling” in the kitchen and bar – served and happy
    • Let the guest pay as they wish, card – swish – apple pay – google pay
    • Digitalmenu

    Some guests prefer to eat at home, attract them to order from your restaurant by offering Take Away

    • Make it easy for the customer to choose you, by providing the option to order online both directly from an embedded menu on your website and via your order app or Ancon Order Marketplace.


    Tailor your POS system the way you want it with our Add-ons



    Get unprecedented access to the insights you need to make the right decisions faster.


    A complete cash register in your pocket With BLAST you can manage your ENTIRE restaurant.


    Designed for both staff and guests. Fast, reliable and intuitive.

    Get started with Online Order: QR Code or Take Away, or maybe both? See below how it works.

    STEP 1

    Choose which products you want to offer online

    STEP 2

    Generate and print QR codes

    STEP 3

    The guest scans the QR code, gets the menu, orders and pays.

    STEP 4

    The order comes into the cash register and to the respective bong writer.

    Features of the Ancon Order


    Accept all online orders automatically – or turn it off if you want to review it manually first.


    Guests can order food, even if you are closed. Like a waitress working 24/7. Without having a waitress working 24/7!!!


    Design your products in the ingredients menu. Let the guest adjust what to include in the dish and which allergens are okay.

    We have many more features…



    A star wants extra onions on his burger. Another extra sauce, gluten-free bread, absolutely no pickles… Let your guests fine-tune their dishes!


    Suggest additional sales automatically. A coffee with your meal? Extra drink? You decide, the system asks – every time.


    Let the guest buy and use gift cards directly in the Ancon Order.

    Accept all online orders automatically – or turn it off if you want to review it manually first.

    24/7-365 support is standard with us

    we have over 2000

    Once you have filled in your details, you will be contacted by one of our skilled staff within 24 hours