After two years of strong growth, Ancon launched the “Ancon 3.0” improvement plan with the slogan: Stronger, Faster, Sexier. Ancon is now working to provide the best support department in Sweden.

As the company grew rapidly, the Ancon 3.0 improvement plan was launched. The aim of this work is to ensure that Ancon and its employees perform at their best. Striving to be the best refers to both software development but also to all customer relations and support.

– Smaller companies often manage to maintain a close and good relationship with their customers, but many companies lose this as they grow. We don’t want to be like everyone else and that’s why today we are launching “Sweden’s best support department”, says Mikke Hermansson, CEO of Ancon AB.

Ancon AB currently consists of 24 employees, including four support technicians. The support department is divided into first and second line support. Cases are received by phone and e-mail, first-line technicians try to remedy the problem, and if the case is more complicated and requires troubleshooting, it is passed on to the second line.

– Every week we have meetings where we talk about how we can improve as a group, which then leads to actual improvements,” comments Fredrik Höglind, second line technician at Ancon.

During 2017, Ancon has invested in a large IT system where all customer relations will be managed, this system will be deployed in the autumn. The company has also been looking for more employees.

– There have been a lot of applicants for our support department and I have the privilege to choose among many competent candidates, in a few weeks we will add another technician, concludes Mikke Hermansson.