Ancon Redemption AgreementIn a move to further assist its customers, Ancon AB is launching a preferential redemption agreement in partnership with one of the world’s largest redemption providers, Elavon.

– By offering redemption agreements, we can help our customers reduce their costs,” comments Ancon’s CEO Mikke Hermansson.

A redemption agreement is a prerequisite for a business to be able to take payment by debit card. Generally, most people have redemption agreements through their bank. The redemption agreement is what regulates how much each card transaction costs the business.

– Many of our customers have not negotiated the cost with their current redeemer, resulting in them paying too much money per transaction. In addition, many people miss the difference between debit and credit cards. Credit cards tend to be an expensive affair if you’re not good at negotiating,” comments Mikke Hermansson.

Ancon has been accepting redemption orders since April 1st. Our partner Elavon has over 30 years of experience in the industry and is one of the world’s largest redemption companies.

Call 0523-131 00 or email your latest annual statement (we calculate the price according to your card mix (average bill, debit, credit, foreign, etc) to We will analyse the annual fee and get back to you with a more favourable price that suits your business.