Establishment of Ancon in Gothenburg

Ancon AB is recruiting a new Account Manager for the Gothenburg office. Jimmy Bölja started his first day at Ancon AB on 16/6-2015.

– With the recruitment of Jimmy, we have the capacity to maintain close contact with our customers in the Gothenburg area,” comments Mikke Hermansson, CEO of the company.

Ancon AB had an office in Gothenburg in the 1990s, which was closed when the company switched from providing IT training to developing POS systems in 1998. Ancon currently has a large customer base in Gothenburg and surrounding municipalities.

– Gothenburg is an important and expanding market, and the establishment is a natural step in our growth plan. In the future, we will continue with the establishment in Stockholm, continues Mikke.

– Customers in our industry need continuous consultation to benefit from the best solutions for POS systems, payment terminals, administrative tools and IT infrastructure. Thanks to close customer relationships, we help our customers to use the right solutions for their specific needs,” concludes Mikke Hermansson.

Contact information
Mikke Hermansson
Tel: 0523-131 00

Jimmy Bölja
Tel: 0523 – 780 858