Ancon Analytics

Get unprecedented access to the insights you need to make the right decisions faster. Anywhere, anytime.


Superpowers for your restaurant

Ancon Analytics has been designed with ease of use in mind
in mind so that you can spend more time analysing
trends and less time figuring out how to
Download reports.
You can dive deep to analyse sales, set a budget
and read in personnel costs and raw material costs.
Everything straight forward. You will receive the reports in CSV and PDF.

Run your business from anywhere

You count on your restaurant even when you’re not there. Fortunately, Analytics cloud-based reports can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. So whether you’re on the commute or the beach, you can keep track via your phone or computer.


Tailor your POS system the way you want it with our Add-ons



Get unprecedented access to the insights you need to make the right decisions faster.


A complete cash register in your pocket With BLAST you can manage your ENTIRE restaurant.


Designed for both staff and guests. Fast, reliable and intuitive.

The right data to the right people at the right time in a simple way.

Schedule automatic email sendouts
with daily sales reports and KPIs from
your restaurant to Key People in your organisation.
In addition, you can seamlessly we our integrations
Submit end of day – order – and invoice to your
Accounting software.


Update the guest experience with Analytics

Analyze sales trends to optimize your menu

And service – like offering the right promotions at the right

Timing – to provide the best possible guest experience

And get first-time visitors to become loyal regulars

Full control
Insert the recipe calculator and
gain full control over raw material costs.
Connect your workforce management system
and see % in real time. Keep an eye on the margins,
price it right and sell more of what you earn the most from.
See TB/TG for each product.

Create budget/forecast
Set a budget for the sale and for
Personnel costs and cost of raw materials.
Follow up in the calendar and keep a steady
Direction of your activities.

Compare then and now
You’re never better than your last performance?
Check how you are doing compared to last week,
or take it even further and compare it to the same week last year.
Ugh. Go wild and crazy and compare to any time period you want!
Maybe not the Middle Ages. But otherwise the limitations are few

24/7-365 support is standard with us

we have over 2000

Once you have filled in your details, you will be contacted by one of our skilled staff within 24 hours