Often, there’s something that messes things up at least a little bit for the guest during a restaurant visit. It may be that a particular dish that the guest has checked on the online menu is no longer available. Or that the waiters missed something in the order at the table. Maybe the guest with the sprained foot has to walk all the way to the bar to pay the bill?

If you want to know the latest on how you can use digital to optimise the guest experience in your restaurant, read on. Here we list the five latest digital trends in the restaurant industry in 2019.

1. Online table booking

If your guests are able to book tables online, it will increase your chances of them actually booking. In 2019, very few people pick up the phone and call to book a restaurant table. If they can’t book a table through your website, they’ll choose another restaurant where they can do so. It should be as easy as possible and fast! You can easily solve this by offering online table booking.

2. Make sure you have an updated menu on your website

With endless restaurants to choose from, it’s the little details that make the difference when it comes to a guest’s choice. It may be simple, but it’s important to upload the menu to the website so that guests can see what you offer in advance. Also make sure the menu is updated so that no misunderstandings occur!

3. Introduce a waiter app

Letting your staff use a mobile app to take orders reduces the risk of them missing something. Via these apps, the order is also sent directly to the kitchen. Quick and easy!

4. Use a mobile card terminal

When it comes to payment, the key here is also to be able to do it quickly. Even if the guest does not have to get up if the waitress first hands over the bill, then collects your card, and finally comes back for a signature, this is done in too many steps. With a mobile card terminal, staff can easily make payments in a single step.

5. And for those who really want to be on the cutting edge, Food Printers…

How about letting a digital 3D printer do the cooking? That way your chef doesn’t have to be embarrassed if the food is sent back to the kitchen by a dissatisfied customer. Because then you can blame the printer! This may seem very distant, but food writers do exist on the market. So far, it’s mostly pancakes, pizza and chocolate chip cookies. However, something tells us that we should not be surprised if this concept develops something huge in the future!

Is your restaurant keeping up with digital developments? Download the guide below to find out if you’re doing it, and how you can change it if you’re not quite there yet!