New features are emerging as the market digitises – and the “we’ve always done it this way” argument is starting to face competition. How about avoiding the hassle of bookkeeping and following the sales figures from your hammock in the garden instead? Is it possible to do this and increase turnover at the same time? The answer is yes! Here are 3 reasons to digitise your restaurant business.

1. Control your restaurants from your mobile

With a cloud-based POS system, you can manage your business directly from your phone, without having to be on site at the restaurant. Is it the end of the month and time to change menus? Instead of having to connect to the restaurant’s computer via TeamViewer, for example (which also occupies the cash register and disrupts sales), you can manage the menus with a few simple clicks on your mobile. This means you don’t have to run to the restaurant every time something needs changing, but can spend your time on better things. Like coming up with new menus – maybe based on the best-selling dishes of the past month?

This feature also allows you to monitor what’s happening in the restaurant in real time, such as how much is sold per hour and day. Did you make a profit or a loss this month compared to last year? And is the high-fat burger popular enough to be worth the margins? Keeping track of numbers and forecasts has never been easier. Especially beneficial for those who have several restaurants to keep track of.

2. Automate the administration

Digitising restaurant operations should be profitable. You should not have to work more (rather less) and the time you save should be converted into money. Something that we know eats up a lot of time is administration. That’s why it’s super important that your POS system is equipped with the right integrations. Can’t the cash register be linked to invoicing and accounting software? Then we think you should consider updating.

Wouldn’t it be great if the invoice data was sent directly from the cash register to Fortnox, for example? This is entirely possible with the right integration. You don’t have to print and staple z-reports every day, instead they automatically fly straight into the accounting system. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive. Let the POS system (which is still there on the counter) do the work!

Do you still have standalone card terminals? In the blog post “Why does the cash register differ?” we give you a good reason to switch!

3. Make the restaurant more accessible with an app

Ordering food via apps is becoming increasingly popular – and as customers’ buying behaviour changes, it’s important to keep up. By linking an app to your restaurant, guests can order food from home (or from inside the restaurant), and then pick it up or eat it on the spot.

In many restaurants, as much as 50% of orders are taken over the phone. Imagine what a difference it would make if guests ordered via an app instead. The kitchen would be quieter, without a phone constantly ringing, and the staff could focus on the guests in the restaurant instead.

Thinking about connecting your restaurant with an app? Be discerning and compare before you decide. Many companies charge as much as 15% commission per order (!) and for a pizza, where margins are already low, there is not much left over. In some POS systems, such as Ancon, the app is actually part of the overall solution. Whatever options you choose – don’t let the margins get too low. The app should make the bottom line higher, not result in you standing there with a “cool solution” but going plus minus zero.

More “good to have” features when digitising

  • Personal logins, where you can choose who can do what with the cash register
  • Card terminals linked to the cash register, eliminating the need for staff to manually enter amounts
  • Express checkouts, good for additional sales
  • The feature that allows you to connect multiple card terminals to the same cash register and charge twice as many at the same time
  • Digital gift cards, let regulars get a 10% discount if they top up with 1000 SEK (a perfect way to get to know customers – and their buying habits)

Thinking of changing your POS system? In this case study, follow the journey of restaurant chain Neko Group with Ancon. Great inspiration on how to digitise to higher profitability with simple means!