So you’ve had the same POS system for a couple of years now and it was an expensive deal that you don’t intend to repeat unnecessarily. It still works, costs next to nothing to maintain and you ask yourself – why should I replace a winning concept? We’ll tell you now.

You avoid losing customers to competitors

Competitors cheer behind your back when they see you sticking to your old cash register system. The cash register may still work technically, but it can never compete with a newer version. With an updated POS system also comes new forms of payment solutions. You may want to have more card terminals linked to the same cash register, let customers pay via an app or in express checkouts. Choose the one that suits your business best!

Either way, it will allow your staff to get paid faster – and reduce the queues in your restaurant. This means that customers will choose you over your competitor who is clinging to an old system. Customers dislike the queues and intermittent checkouts as much as you do – and will do anything to avoid them. You do it too!

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You increase turnover

The fact that staff can be paid faster also means you can sell more in less time – and sales increase! So a new POS system can pay for itself in the long run, has your current POS system done so? Newer systems also let you save money with features like automated invoicing. Money you didn’t know you were actually throwing into the lake, every day. Save them instead!

You can control your business from your mobile

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that’s happening in the restaurant without having to be there all the time. Stepping into the restaurant is always nice, but it can also mean being bombarded by questions, requests or staff who just want to have a chat. What should be one hour to check the sales figures turns into three, and just like that you’re sitting there with an after work beer in your hand.

Sometimes you need to manage your business from a distance to make sense of your daily life. With an updated POS system, you can. Keep track of all administration via the web, either on your mobile, tablet or computer. Perfect if you have several restaurants, but also suitable for those who just want to be able to pay their salary without leaving home. Let your information be stored in the cloud and forget about paperwork. You no longer have to spend time looking for lost invoices or next week’s menu, the system keeps everything in one place. Put your energy into something more fun and profitable.

It’s with POS systems as with everything else in life, things get old and outdated. When there are opportunities on the market that can make your job easier, why not take advantage of them? Don’t live under a rock, instead give your business the best conditions to develop and grow!